What does the Language Centre do?

The Language Centre offers language modules for all students at the University of Nottingham that can be taken alongside the student’s main degree. Each module is semester-long and worth 10 credits.
(see 'What are the different types of modules?')
What are Interfaculty Modules?
I do not have any optional credits. Can I still take a language module?

Yes you can, however it won't count towards your degree classification and there will be a cost attached. 

Who can take a language module?

Generally: All undergraduate and postgraduate taught (PGT) students can take optional modules. This will differ for every degree course. Please check the module catalogue for the requirements of your degree or speak to the course director or your Personal Tutor.

Medical students: The Language Centre offers special study modules to students from the School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Please contact the Language Centre for further guidance.

PhD students: You can take language modules as a fee-paying student (see xxx). If your PhD involves the language you wish to learn there are options to get the fee reimbursed.


I study at Sutton Bonnington Campus – can I still take a language module?

Yes, you can. However, as all Language Centre classes take place on University Park, you will need to factor in travel time to get to the classes on time.

In which semester can I take a language module?
The language modules are semester-long, stand-alone modules that run through semesters one and two. Please be aware that some courses have restrictions on what modules can be taken as part of your degree and a language module may not be available due to this.
How much does it cost?

If you do the module as part of your 120 credits the modules are free. If you take a language module separate from your degree, there is a cost attached - See 'Learning a language not for credits / as part of your course' for further information.
Does it affect my overall degree grade?

Yes. Like any other module you take for credits, it will count towards your end of year total mark.

Are there any restrictions for final year students?

Final year students are sometimes not allowed to take beginners’ modules. Please check the module catalogue for requirements of your degree or speak to the course director or your Personal Tutor.

Where can I find out further information / how do I get in touch with the Language Centre/a teacher?

Visit the Language Centre website for further information including contact details.

Where is the Language Centre located?
The Language Centre and its self-access centre is located on floor C of Trent Building - there are signs directing you.
If you are looking to speak to a member of the Language Centre team, head to the Self Access Centre and speak to the reception staff for further guidance. It's open during term time, normally between 9.30am - 4.30pm, but these are subject to change. The door will have up to date opening hours on.