What languages are on offer? 
We have a number of languages available - see the language centre website for the full list. Click on 'Language Centre module enrolment' if you are a UoN student wanting to take a language as part of your degree, or 'Evening classes for everyone' for any other learning circumstance. 
What levels are on offer? 
We cater for a wide range of levels, from beginner to advanced. To find out more go to the Language Centre website.
Do you need previous knowledge in the language?
No. All languages are offered from beginners’ level in either semester 1 or semester 2. But you can enter at a higher level if you have already learned the language before. It is really important to choose the correct level for you and you can speak to the module convenor to help make that decision. 
What do the modules/lessons consist of?
The classes are taught in an interactive, communicative style, consisting of group and pair work. There are no lectures.
How big are the groups?
A maximum of 22 students.
How many contact hours per week are there? / What is the workload?

There are three hours per week per semester, one single and one double lesson. You are also expected to do up to three hours of home study per week.

How are the classes assessed?

Assessments take place at the end of each semester within teaching weeks. There are no exams during the University’s official exam period. Assessments typically consist of an oral and a combined skills exam (e.g. reading and writing/listening and writing).