When do I sign up?
You will sign up during the module enrolment period.
First year students: during Welcome Week (the first week at university). You do not need to sign up before you arrive.
Returning students: during the normal module enrolment periods. 
You can see more about module enrolment here
Where do I sign up? 
You sign up during the module enrolment period on NottinghamHub.
Do I have to do a test to determine which level to sign up to?
There is no test, but there are clear guidelines on our website that will help you decide which is the most appropriate level for you. However, please be aware that the Language Centre staff reserve the right to move you up or down the levels once teaching has started if they find that the level you have registered for is not appropriate for your level of competence in the language. If you are unsure about your level, you can contact the module convenor of the module for further guidance. Please note, students must not choose a module for which they are over-qualified, as this may result in academic misconduct.
Where can I find the timetable?
The module will appear on your electronic timetable once you have formally enrolled. However, if you want to find out about the timetable beforehand click here. If you cannot attend all classes, we expect you to inform your language tutor beforehand.
I want to change one of my existing modules to a Language Centre module. How do I do this?

You can do this during the normal module enrolment change of mind period. See the module enrolment webpage for more information.