Returning students are required to re-register at the start of each academic year by completing online registration. You will receive a registration invite by email once registration has opened for you.

We would recommend doing this as soon as you are invited but you need to complete your registration within two weeks of the start of the academic year.

You must be registered to receive your student finance. 

If you have completed resits in August, the earliest you will be invited to register will be 19th August. This invitation will be dependent on your results which will be released following the Exam Board. 

If your course started part way through the academic year, you are still required to register at the beginning of the following academic year.

Postgraduate Research students: 

Please note that August is the start of the academic year, and this is when you will receive an annual reminder as a returning student to complete registration.  

For example, if you start your Postgraduate Research programme in December you will need to complete registration as a returning student every August.