Your claim has not been considered because it has been submitted outside of the timeframe specified within the Extenuating Circumstances procedure with no authoritative evidence that you were unable to submit the claim earlier. 


The EC procedure sets out the following time limits: 


Coursework:  Claims must be submitted before the coursework deadline. 

Timetabled examinations/assessments:  Claims must be submitted prior to, or within 5 working days of the examination 


If you provide evidence that proves your inability to submit this claim earlier then this could be submitted for further review by the EC panel without submitting an appeal.See here for details on how to upload more evidence and see here for details on how to add a conversation note to your claim to let the Assessment team know you have added further evidence and what the evidence is aiming to show.


If you do decide to appeal this decision, you will be expected to provide evidence in order for the appeal to be considered. 


If you would like to ask a more specific question, please do so by submitting an enquiry via the student enquiry centre where your local Assessments team will pick up your query and respond as soon as possible. 


Find more information on the EC Regulation and EC Procedure here.