Firstly, do not worry!
Let's start with the places you can access your claim. 

When you open your claim via this link (Image below) your form is mostly Read Only HOWEVER you can add more evidence/upload documents or add conversation notes for the assessments team.

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If you are wanting to amend and submit a form that is ‘Not Yet Submitted’, access it here:
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From here you will be able to edit more fields (but only if the form has not yet been submitted).

  • Personal Tutor name
  • Department
  • Degree programme
  • Explanation of the situation and dates affected
  • Upload more documents/evidence
  • Amend/Tick/Cancel the Confirmations and Consent options
  • Add more assessments affected (although you cannot edit 'assessments affected' once submitted)


Assessments Affected section:

If you made a mistake in the Assessments Affected section, once you submit each entry you unfortunately cannot amend it yourself, even prior to submission, however help is at hand from the assessment teams!

In this case, you can either:

  1. Add a new Assessments row with the correct detail and put a note in the explanation field to ask the assessments team to delete the incorrect entry 
  2. Submit your form and add a portal comment (via the link in Image 1) to let the administration team know the amendments you require.
  3. Add a quick note in the explanation field with the correct detail and the administration team can amend your claim on submission at our end.

    Either way, please do let us know what's happened - we can sort it for you!


NOTE! The portal will not allow you to start a completely new form until you have submitted your incomplete one. If you are struggling to start a new form, just submit an unfinished one with a note to the assessments team to cancel the claim to enable you to start a new one.

Once your EC claim/Enquiry has been submitted the only amendments possible are adding more evidence/upload documents or adding portal comments for the assessments team. See the FAQ "I submitted my EC claim but noticed a mistake - help!" for further advice.