The portal system changed on 14th December. Due to these changes, claims can only be amended whilst you are working on it and before submission. 
Make sure you have all the necessary information with you before you start a claim as the autosave function is no longer available. You can move back and forth through the form prior to submission and most fields will remain editable during this time. The only difference is on the 'Assessments Affected' page.

Assessments Affected section:

If you made a mistake in the Assessments Affected section, once you submit each entry you can now delete the entry and add a replacement one, but only prior to submission.

The delete button is on the far right of the Assessments Affected table - you will need to scroll all the way across to the far right to find it (as below):


NOTE! The portal will no longer allow you to submit a previously started form.

Once your EC claim/Enquiry has been submitted the only amendments possible are adding more evidence/upload documents or adding portal comments for the assessments team. See the FAQ "I submitted my EC claim but noticed a mistake - help!" for further advice.