There are a few reasons why you might be seeing an error on your digital certificate, here are a few things you can check:  


  1. 1) Log into the PremierCert website using the details on your welcome email (the site does not use your university username).

  1. 2) Ensure that you are opening your digital certificate on a desktop or laptop (the site is not mobile device friendly).

  1. 3) The error message will show in a new browser window, please check that pop-ups are enabled, once you’ve enabled pop-ups, close the browser and re-open your digital certificate using the original link and it should work.  

  1. 4) If you are still experiencing difficulties, you can try using the incognito mode in your browser.

  1. 5) You can also try clearing your cache.

  1. 6) The recommended browsers for viewing your digital certficate are Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.