If your application is assessed and you receive an award we will email you with details of how much, and when you will be paid. The assessment process takes into account your income and essential expenditure; if there is a shortfall we may make a contribution towards this. Awards over £1,000 will be made in instalments spread over the academic year, to help you with budgeting. 

Not everyone who applies to the funds for support will be successful.

Applications can be accepted throughout the academic year (September to July). However funds are limited, and while every effort is made to ensure that they remain available throughout the year this cannot be guaranteed. Likewise, award levels may vary depending on the remaining funds at the time of application and the University may pro-rata awards per term. You are therefore encouraged to plan/review your budget early in the academic year so that, wherever possible, you can anticipate any difficulties and apply early. Visit our Budgeting page for help and advice.

For more information go to the Support Funds webpage.