The form will tell you what the problem is so check the bottom of the form first for this information - the form checks to ensure you meet certain rules so won't submit unless these rules are met.  

Please remember:

  • you will only see modules you are eligible to take as part of your programme.  If a module you were expecting to see does not appear for you to choose, firstly check on the curriculum catalogue to see if you should be able to do that module as part of your programme.  If you should be able to, then please ask our team on Live Chat to check for you.  If the module does not appear on the catalogue as one of your options, then please select another module as you are not eligible.  If you have free choice, please consult the curriculum catalogue to find the codes of the modules you are interested in. When using the catalogue, select Search for Courses (Modules), under Campus select UK, Term 2024 then enter details of the School.
  • you will only be able to submit the form if you have made a valid selection.  For most full-time undergraduates that means you must select a total of 120 credits.  For full-time postgraduates that means that you must select a total of 180 credits.
  • you will also need to ensure that the credit split between the semesters is balanced.  Most students take 60 credits in each semester and you won’t be able to submit the form with fewer than 50 or more than 70 credits in a single semester.
  • you also must ensure that your choices meet the requirements for restricted optional modules (for example with the minimum number of credits you must take from each group of modules).

Use a laptop or desktop computer running Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. If you do not have either of these browsers on your personal device then they are available on all university PCs. Don’t use a smart phone or tablet device to complete the form as some components may not display correctly.

If you believe that you have completed the form correctly but are still unable to submit it or if you experience technical difficulties, you can speak to our team on LiveChat via the Module Enrolment webpage during a module enrolment period. 

If you're still struggling to use NottinghamHub, you can use the alternative online form available via the Module Enrolment webpage