For many of you having been awarded long extensions, you will be expected to meet a deadline in or around the reassessment period in August (and may also require a new question to be set), however there will also be some who have been given deadlines before then.


The answer to this question will be different depending on which applies to you;


I have been given a deadline prior to, or during the June exam period


As long as you submit your final coursework by this deadline (and are carrying no other reassessments), it is expected that your work will be marked and will not prevent you from graduating. 


I have been given an indication that I will be submitting this work prior to, or during the August reassessment period  


At the point schools come together to confirm finalist awards in June/July you will not have completed all of your assessments, therefore you will not be eligible to graduate in the summer. 



Can I ask for an earlier deadline to enable me to graduate? 


Where you have been awarded a long extension into the August reassessment period it is often because you will be given a different assignment to work on.  

Where this is the case, you will not be given the new assignment/means to submit sufficiently early to graduate in July.  


Where you know your assignment topic will not change, you may submit earlier than your deadline, however we expect it will be marked with other reassessment work in August, which means you will not be eligible to graduate in the summer.  


If you have questions or seek further clarity on your EC outcome and its implications, please raise an enquiry via the student enquiry centre/Ask a question. Your query will be passed to the EC panel for review, however there is no guarantee your outcome can or will change. 


Why are there differences in some outcomes for Long Extensions? 


All EC claims are very different, each outcome is decided based on multiple factors, including the nature of the situation, time of year, level of impact on each student and the assessment structure for each programme. This list of considerations can lead to some differences in the detail of outcomes offered to each student.  


You may also have other reassessment activity to undertake in August. Any such reassessment would delay your opportunity to graduate.