According to the EC Procedure, evidence should usually be provided at the time of making the extenuating circumstances claim, but may be submitted up to 10 working days from the deadline/examination. 

In the case of coursework extensions, make sure you submit work you have done by the original deadline, adding the term ‘EC Pending’ to the filenameThis will indicate to the staff member marking your work that you have a pending EC.

It can exceptionally be provided later than this, but any extension to the evidence deadline must be approved in advance by the extenuating circumstances panel and cannot in any case be more than 10 working days after the extenuating circumstances deadline.

Extensions of the deadline to provide evidence will be confirmed to you in writing.

For more detail on Timescales for submitting evidence, please refer to the ‘Timescales’ section in the EC Procedure.

The University EC Regulations are outlined here.

The University policy on circumstances affecting students' ability to study and complete assessments is available here.