Coursework:  Claims must be submitted before the coursework deadline.

Note! Make sure you submit any work you have done by the original deadline - even if you haven’t received your outcome by this point - adding the term ‘EC Pending’ to the filename.

This will indicate to the colleague marking your work that you have a pending EC.

Timetabled examinations/assessments:  Claims must be submitted prior to, or within five working days of, the examination/assessment, including PGR Progression Review.

Late Extenuating Circumstances claims will usually be rejected, unless there is evidence to prove not only the impact of the situation but also why the claim could not be submitted within the above timescales.


More details on timescales are outlined in the EC Procedure
The University EC Regulations are outlined here
The University Policy on Circumstances Affecting Students’ Ability to Study and Complete Assessments can be accessed here: