If there is a discrepancy between your name on your SLC record and that on your university record, this could cause delays to your SLC funding. You should therefore take steps to correct this. If your name is incorrect with the SLC you should contact the relevant Student Finance company to amend your record:

If your name is incorrect on your University record please visit a Student Service Centre with relevant evidence (such as passport, birth certificate or marriage certificate).

Please also contact Funding and Financial Support via the Student Enquiry Centre. We may be able to match your records to prevent further delay to your support. We will also need copies of relevant evidence and will advise how to provide this following your enquiry.

If your name has been changed through the University’s policy as outlined in this document we understand you may not have any evidence of this. If this is the case please let Funding and Financial Support know and, with your permission, we will contact the Associate Director EDI to verify the name change. Please be assured this information will always treated confidentially.