No, your work will not be marked if it is under the wrong submission link. You will need to resubmit as soon as possible to the correct link.

Please note that if you resubmit the same text to a different dropbox then it will come up as a 100% similarity percentage match because of the first submission. This is not something that can be changed but your module convenor will be able to see that this 100% match is due to your previous submission. You can use the Test My Text function in Moodle to view your similarity percentage, instructions on how to do this can be found here.

If it is past the deadline for the work, you will need to contact the Assessments team through the student enquiry centre (you will need to be signed in), giving them the Module code and the name of the assessment.

Do not make any changes or go into the document after the deadline as this could result in late penalties being applied.

If it is passed the deadline on a Moodle Assignment, RAA wouldn't need a Turnitin number for Moodle assignments as not everyone uses the Turnitin plugin for Moodle Assignment