In the unlikely event of an extension approval being sent to you after the extension date, please do contact the Assessments team by raising a quick enquiry via the Student Portal/Ask a question for them to investigate further as soon as possible for us to investigate and resolve the situation for you!  


You may also contact the RAA team each weekday between 10am and 4pm, accessible via our Need Help? Webpages. The frontline services team will do what they can to advise or raise your query with the appropriate team to investigate. 


There is always a risk that you might not receive your outcome until after the original deadline, particularly at busy times of year (eg. ahead of key assessment periods).

If this happens, the Extenuating Circumstances policy (Meeting Coursework Deadlines) clearly states that if you have not received a decision on your EC claim by the original deadline you must submit the work you have completed to date so that, if necessary it can form the assessment. 


Where this is the case and you and are submitting work by the original deadline, please ensure you include the words EC Pending in the filename submitted. This will inform the marker that this is your work in progress and that (if your extension is approved) there will be another piece of work submitted once your extension has been approved. You are then recommended to continue working on your assignment to take full advantage of any additional time, if granted.