You have been granted an extension to the deadline.


The new agreed deadline will be quoted in your EC outcome email – please pay close attention to this detail as it may be different than the extension date you requested. 


If you have not yet submitted any work by the time you receive your outcome, please simply submit your work by the newly agreed deadline.
may identify your work as ‘late’, the admin team and marking staff will resolve this so you needn’t worry at this stage. 


If you have submitted your work in progress by the original deadline (this is the recommended approach), please pay special attention to the additional paragraph in your outcome message.  


You may not know if your school uses Moodle or Turnitin yourself; your Assessment team will identify this on your behalf and will ensure the correct instructions are included in your outcome letter.  


For Moodle submissions:  

You can replace original submissions up to the deadline and beyond so by uploading your updated piece of work it will overwrite the original 


For Turnitin submissions:  

You can only submit work once to Turnitin so if you have already submitted some work. contact your local assessments team with your original Turnitin submission number so they can re-open the submission box to allow a further submission by raising an enquiry in the student enquiry centre.


NOTE: The reason additional action is required for Turnitin submissions is because by asking for the box to be re-opened, you are agreeing for your original submission to be deleted. 


If you submit your updated piece of work AFTER the deadline, late penalties will apply, see here for how late penalties are calculated. 


If you would like to ask a more specific question, please do so by submitting an enquiry via the student enquiry centre where your local Assessments team will pick up your query and respond as soon as possible. 


Find more information on the EC Regulation and EC Procedure here.