If you are in receipt of this outcome, it means that you have been granted an extension to the coursework deadline, where the outcome was issued beyond the new deadline. Your new submission is due within 2 working days of your outcome letter issue date. 

 Moodle submissions:

If you have been given an extension but have already submitted a piece of coursework by your original deadline, you can submit a different piece of work in its place before your new extension date. If you encounter any problems with the submission, please contact our assessment specialists using the student enquiry centre. Do look out for your marks on Moodle and BlueCastle to check the cancellation of late penalties has definitely occurred and let us know via the Student Enquiry Portal (link below) if you have any concerns.

Turn it in submissions:

If you haven’t submitted any work by the time you get the outcome letter, do so by uploading your final work to the relevant box in moodle.  

If you submitted your coursework before the original deadline, check Moodle to see if your submission box has been reopened. If it hasn’t, please let our team know by asking a question in the student enquiry centre including your original turnitin number so that your online submission box can be reopened.


When we reopen your submission box in Moodle, we will delete your original submission.


If you would like to ask a more specific question, please do so by submitting an enquiry via the student enquiry centre where your local Assessments team will pick up your query and respond as soon as possible. 


Find more information on the EC Regulation and EC Procedure here.