Your claim has not been considered, as evidence in support of your claim has not been submitted within 10 working days of the coursework deadline or examination, and you have not requested an extension of the time in which to submit evidence.


All students are given 10 working days within which to provide this evidence as per the policy from the date of the original deadline/assessment. 


You have the option to mention on submission of your claim if you think you might need longer than 10 working days to obtain evidence, but unless it is mentioned in your claim (or in a message following submission to the local Assessment team) your claim will be rejected using this outcome as officially your claim is ‘Out of Time’. 


If you wish to ask the panel to reconsider your claim, you can do this, however you will be expected to provide evidence as to the reason you were unable to provide the evidence within the given timescale, and the reason you didn’t mention this to the assessment team in advance of the 10 working days expiring. If you do not have an evidenced reason for the above, your appeal will be rejected.


If you would like to ask a more specific question, please do so by submitting an enquiry via the Student Enquiry Centre where your local Assessments team will pick up your query and respond as soon as possible. 


Find more information on the EC Regulation and EC Procedure here.