You will be allowed an additional reassessment attempt at the examination or coursework, which will count as your second resit attempt.  

Any original work completed will not be marked, or the mark will be voided. You must attend this first sit to gain a mark for this assessment.  

Reassessments will normally take place in the next reassessment period. Where this differs, you will be notified.


See other FAQs related to first sit and resits and our web pages here for further information  


NOTE: Moodle will contain all data on whether the resit will be in person or an online exam. For online exams, Moodle will be updated in advance of the exam period with the correct date, time, and duration in addition to the master/personal exam timetables. 


In some schools, Resits take a different format to the original assessment – see Moodle for details. 


The exam timetable is usually released a few weeks ahead of the exam period – your resit should be identified correctly both on Blue Castle and in your timetable. 


Any discrepancies, please contact your local assessment team to correct/clarify by raising an enquiry via the Student Enquiry Centre.