Other terms used to describe this status might be external candidate’ or ‘reassessment - not in attendance 


What does it mean to me? 

The phrase ‘resit not in attendance’ means that although you will be required to do one or more reassessments (these could be first sits or resits) during this/the next academic year, you are not required to attend any teaching in relation to those assessments - therefore your teaching timetable is expected to be blank. 


What will happen to my IT and facilities access?

You should retain access to your email and all learning materials on Moodle related to these assessments. Please contact your module convenor if you need support with this.  


You will not get access to the current year's Moodle pages as there may have been curriculum changes affecting the assessment.


You will maintain access to the library and all facilities.


Exams will show on your individual exam timetable, if you are resitting any coursework elements, please contact the module convenor directly for information on content and deadlines.  


Do I need to register? 

If you have a status of ‘resit - not in attendance’ you are not required to complete online registration for the relevant academic session with the University.  


It is similar to being ‘suspended’ or ‘interrupted’ for a period of time, the only activity you are required to do is in relation to sitting your reassessments. You may be doing resits or first sits, these will be clarified in your Blue Castle account. 


What does this mean financially? 

During the period your attendance status is ‘resit-not in attendance’ you are not usually entitled to receive any statutory support from the Government via the Student Loans Company (SLC).  


There is no tuition fee loan for the period, but you will also not be charged any standard tuition fee by the University, although there may be a resit fee to pay. The rates of resit fees are outlined in the ‘Other Fees you may need to pay’ section on the Tuition Fees webpage. 


If you are only taking first sits not in attendance, there is no fee. 


If you are ‘resit - not in attendance’ for the full year and do not register at all, it does not count as a year of study for student finance purposes.   


If you are registered at the university for part of the year, then you may be eligible for funding for that period and will be liable for any tuition fee charged by the university. However, this will count as a full year’s funding when Student Finance calculates your years of entitlement.   


The University will not pay any Bursary and/or Scholarship while your status is ‘resit - not in attendance’. 


Please contact the Financial Support Team for more information relating to this process. 


Marks and Results 

When you take reassessments not in attendance, your marks for any assessments taken will appear against last years modules in Blue Castle. This is just to keep the marks together for easier reference rather than split them across two academic years. 


You will not have any module details or marks listed in the current academic year if you are ‘not in attendance’ all year as you will not be enrolled in any modules.  


Other information 

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