Other terms used to describe this status might be ‘resit/first sit in attendance, reassessment with teaching, repeat stage/semester 


What does it mean to me? 

During this period you will be doing resits/first sits, you will also be fully registered and attending the University.


Your modules are usually the same as the first time but your assessments may differ to those originally taken. You will also be liable for fees as you will be attending all teaching related to the modules you are repeating. 


Although the term states ‘resit’, this description is also accurate if you are doing ‘first sits’. This is also known as ‘repeat the stage/semester. See our FAQs to read about the difference between resits and first sits if you aren’t sure. 


The list of modules you are required to complete across the semester/year will be on Blue Castle and in your NottinghamHub account.


Do I need to register? 

Yes. You will need to complete online registration for the relevant academic session with the University as you are effectively ‘repeating’ all or part of the previous years teaching and assessment. You will be sent an email from the University when it is time to do this.    


What does it mean financially? 

You will be charged a tuition fee by the University which may be pro-rata depending on how many credits you are taking. For example, if you are taking 60 credits you will generally pay half of the standard full year fee. 


Student Finance will award you funding for the length of your course plus one year. As long as you haven’t already used your plus one, or ‘gift’ year you will be able to apply as usual for your tuition fee loan and loan for living costs. (NB - If you have already used your gift year, depending on the reason for this you may be able to apply for additional years’ funding from Student Finance due to ‘Compelling Personal Reasons’.) If you are in attendance for a semester or term, rather than a full academic year, then Student Finance will pro-rata your funding for living costs. 


During the period you are registered you will also be eligible to apply for University Bursaries/Scholarships and Hardship Funds.


Please contact the Financial Support Team for more information.


Marks and Results 

Don't worry if this year's module marks remain blank!


When you take reassessments in attendance, your marks for this year will appear against last years modules in Blue Castle and on your diploma supplement. This is just to keep the marks together for easier reference rather than split them across two academic years. 


Other information 

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To get in contact with the Support and Wellbeing Team, find more information here 

For more detail, please find link to the Quality Manual here