There may be different reasons why the University might withdraw/cancel your registration. This may be because you have long standing debts with the university or it could be as a result of upheld Academic Misconduct. 


University withdrawal means your registration will be cancelled and you will no longer be a student of the university. 


If you have accrued sufficient credits that count towards a lower award you may still leave the University with an award, albeit not the same as you originally intended. 


A lower award is a degree different to your own that is categorised as being a ‘lower’ qualification.  


Note: This is not always a lower academic level qualification; for those students on accredited degrees, the non-accredited version may be referred to as a lower award when in fact it is the same level qualification (the only difference being that the degree awarded is not accredited). 


If you wish to appeal your outcome, please refer to the Appeals Guidance to establish whether you have grounds, you have one calendar month from the time you receive your outcome to put in an appeal.  


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