Compulsory transfers to alternative degrees can happen in a number of scenarios.  


Where degrees are accredited by external organisations there are strict requirements all students must achieve in order to be granted this award. If any of these requirements are not achieved (but you are achieving overall passes each year) you may be eligible to be moved to a non-accredited version of the same degree. This transfer would be achieved by compulsory transfer by the University. 


In the case of four year Undergraduate Integrated Masters programmes (MSci or MEng), there is a minimum average mark that all students are required to achieve in their Stage I (Year 2 for most students) in order to continue on this degree.  


Where this threshold is not met (on the first attempt), you are not then able to continue on the same course. You will be transferred to the equivalent Bachelor degree for the remainder of the programme. 


If you wish to appeal your outcome, please refer to the Appeals Guidance to establish whether you have grounds, you have one calendar month from the time you receive your outcome to put in an appeal.  


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