Once your Extenuating Circumstances (EC) form has been submitted the Assessment teams in Registry and Academic Affairs (RAA) will conduct a preliminary review of your claim and send to the school EC panel for a decision. 

The team will ensure you are notified at each stage of the process by communicating to you via your claim using 'conversation notes' or by changing the status of your claim.

What are the different EC Status Reasons and what do they mean?  

Status What does it mean? 
Not Yet Submitted 

Your form is incomplete/has not yet been submitted. Go to 'Create Enquiries>EC Claim' to finish and submit your open claim. 
You can revisit and amend previous pages by navigating the Previous/Next buttons.   
You can only have one incomplete claim at any one time. 

Received Your form has been submitted and is awaiting an initial review by the Assessments Team before passing it to the panel for review. 
Awaiting Supporting Evidence 

You are being asked to provide evidence as you did not upload any on submission. Where this is the case, a conversation note will have been posted within your claim with a link to the Guidance on Acceptable Evidence web pages.

You can upload more evidence via your claim, even after your claim has been submitted. 
The panel have reviewed your claim and have asked for further evidence to be provided. Where this is the case, a conversation note will have been posted within your claim with a link to the Guidance on Acceptable Evidence web pages.

Sent to EC Panel 

Your claim has been initially reviewed and has been sent to the School EC Panel for a more detailed review and outcome decision. 
Bear in mind that reviewing claims effectively and fairly is not a quick process - in some cases there may be a need for second review to ensure all decisions are correct and in line with the EC Policy and Procedure so you may experience delays at this stage. 

Further information Requested from student It may be that the panel require other information from you to support your claim - this may be clarification on dates of impact or more details on the actual impact of the issue on your ability to carry out assessments. Please respond to the request by 'adding a note' in your claim. 

The EC Panel will be able to see yours notes. As above, where this is the status, a conversation note will have been posted within your claim. 
Panel Review Complete 

This indicates that the panel have reviewed your claim and have recorded an outcome on your claim. 
The Assessment team will send out the details of your outcome shortly.  
At busier times, this may not happen straight away. 

Outcome Sent to Student You will receive your outcome via email. If your status is this and you haven't received your outcome, please check your junk mail and get in touch with the Assessment team by raising an enquiry via the student enquiry centre or by adding a comment in your claim to check on progress 
Closed This status is only used to cancel duplicate claims or claims no longer required