No, you do not need to order your digital certificate.

Following your graduation ceremony, you will receive an email titled “Welcome to PremierCert+”. The email does sometimes filter into email junk/spam folders so ensure you check there if you do not receive this into your inbox. For Winter 2023 ceremonies, you will receive this email for access to your digital certificate in January 2024

This will explain how to access the online graduate document portal. Use your login details to view and download your certificate. You can also share it from the portal, for example with employers.

If you are having problems accessing the portal, please check the following:

  • Are you using a PC or laptop? – the portal does not work on mobile devices
  • Are you using Google Chrome? – the portal does not work on other browsers
  • Are all pop-ups enabled? 

There is a grey box on your digital certificate which is where the hologram is on the printed version. The hologram cannot appear on the digital certificate.

How to enable your pop-ups:

Google Chrome


Microsoft Edge 

Mozilla Firefox