We are able to send some documents electronically by secure file transfer to WES. The Documents that can be sent electronically are: 

Confirmation of Degree Letter – a letter that confirms your dates of study, degree awarded and graduation date. This can be emailed to yourself or a third party.  

Graduate Transcript – list of modules and marks, degree awarded and graduation date. This can only be emailed directly to a third party using an official institution or company email address. Unfortunately, due to our fraud prevention policy we are not able to email transcripts directly to graduates.  

Please note that if you require a duplicate of your Diploma Supplement or Degree Certificate sending to WES then it can only be provided in printed format. 

To obtain these documents it will be necessary for you to place an order via our Online Store. Please see the Official Documents and Letters webpage.

Please note that if you have not previously used the Online Store, part of the process will require you to complete customer registration and choose an email address and password. 

Please make sure you provide your WES Reference number when completing the order form.  As we have a file transfer system in place, it is not necessary for you to provide an ‘email for delivery’.