NottinghamHub limits permission to view strictly by team, so other teams at the University of Nottingham will not be able to view your personal details if you upload them to the correct folder in NottinghamHub. Do not select ‘Manage Documents’ as this will upload documents to the Student Recruitment team.


  1. Log into NottinghamHub.
  2. Select Help centre.
  3. Select support type: Disability Support and Academic Support.
  4. Select support sub-type: Medical Evidence.
  5. In the Summary section: please name your disability/medical condition/or query.
  6. In the Details section: you can raise a query, ask a question, or tell us what exam arrangements you require.
  7. Select Attach File(s) then Choose file.
  8. Find your document on your computer/file store/document folder.
  9. Repeat to attach a second document.
  10. Or combine your documents into one pdf and upload.
  11. File size is limited to around 4MB.
  12. If the file name is too long, it will fail to upload the document.
  13. All documents must be English.
  14. Select Done.
  15. You will be returned to the main page.
  16. Select Submit. 


Your support request will then be available to view by the Disability Support Services Team only. A Disability Adviser of Specialist Study Support Tutor will review the documents you have shared.  They may be able to confirm your Alternative Exam Adjustments (AEA)s and activate your Support Plan or they may wish to arrange an appointment to discuss it further. If so, they will be in contact via email. Once your Support Plan is confirmed, you will receive email confirmation and you will also be able to view the arrangements in NottinghamHub.