When you are experiencing problems, it can be helpful to talk about them with someone else. You might turn to a friend or family member, but there are times when it can also be useful to talk to an impartial person such as a counsellor who is experienced in helping you to think about your difficulties when you are feeling stressed or distressed

Your counsellor will help you to reflect on your situation and to think about your needs and possible choices

A Counselling Consultation offers you the opportunity to talk about concerns in a way that's different to talking to someone you are close to. A counsellor can help you get perspective on the situation, and it can feel easier to express yourself.

Making an appointment to see a counsellor is a decision only you can make, even when someone has recommended it to you

At present your initial session will be conducted over the telephone, MS Teams and/or video as we gradually return to seeing clients face-to-face

To arrange an appointment please follow this process.