Please access your individual examination timetable. Some students may have problems with their browser cache and clearing the cache has worked for some people. If you experience problems, you can try deleting your cache. If the individual timetable is still not working you can contact the IT Service Desk for further guidance. When reporting an error, it would be helpful to include the following information:

  • Your university username and student ID number.
  • The web address you are trying to access.
  • The browser and OS you are using (see
  • A screenshot of the error page and/or the specific error message.
  • The output from the Javascript Console - see the 'Help' menu for more details.


While you are waiting for this problem to be resolved you may wish to access the master examination timetable which contains limited details via the Examination timetables and key dates webpage.



How to clear your cache, cookies & history:



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