The appeals process is detailed and every claim is considered on the basis of the grounds cited, evidence provided and the sequence of events leading up to the decision.

Due to this complexity it can sometimes take a long time for an appeal decision to be reached.

If you believe that one or more of the grounds for appeal can be demonstrated (listed here) and you can provide evidence to support your case you may submit an appeal for a review of the decision.

Without relevant evidence provided alongside your appeals form, appeals claims may be rejected.

How do I submit an appeal?
Full information on how to submit an appeal can be found here.


Appeals must be submitted within one calendar month of your outcome message.


Who can help me?
The Education Advisers in the Students’ Union can offer help and advice if you do decide to appeal. Contact details for this service are at found at:


Late Extenuating Circumstances claims
It may be that you experienced Extenuating Circumstances (EC) that affected your assessments but you were not able to submit the EC claim within the usual timeframes. In this case, you would also submit an appeal, ensuring you provide any evidence to support the claim.