There are fees payable for all students taking resits with the following exceptions:

  • where awarded a first sit via the Extenuating Circumstances process
  • students that did not attend a resit 
  • where a student was taking a resit ONLY in modules that were impacted by the Marking and Assessment Boycott, in Summer 2023

There is an additional charge for resits. It is a one-off charge no matter how many resits are being taken in the reassessment period. The fee is currently £80 for an undergraduate student and £130 for a postgraduate student.

This page also identifies where there are different fees for certain subjects, e.g. Social Work repeat placements, PGCE practical teaching resits and research students (scroll down to 'Other sums due to the University' for the information)

Part-time students will be charged 50% of the listed fee for resits. 


All fees payable will show in your NottinghamHub portal when they are due – payments are within 30 days of publication on your account. Resit fees are added to the accounts of student's that have taken resits after the resit period has finished.